JournoWall Participatory Environment
S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications

Students and faculty can now interact with large scale visual information and sound through NOIRFLUX’s JournoWall. The design of this participatory environment supports members of the greater Syracuse University community in the ongoing creation of novel information applications and content.

The JournoWall is a 28′ wide fully interactive video wall consisting of twenty-one 55″ monitors running in full HD, providing over 43 MegaPixels of resolution. Full multi-user gesture interaction is supported from the screen surface out to 8′ away from the screens, across the full 28′ width.

NOIRFLUX devised the original concept and provided the complete system design, interaction system development, custom coding for the interaction and media framework, as well as initial information applications and content.

Immersive Solar Explorer

Waving your hand near the large moving sun reveals intricate moving structures on and above the solar surface. The base image is of the sun at 80,000 degrees, and when you hold your hand near the sun, the 1,000,000 degree image is revealed, both images moving in sync. (The screen is interactive from both sides, hence the reversed legends.)

The imagery is from the Solar Dynamics Observatory (, which updates with a new still image every 15 minutes in a variety of wavelengths. The installation displays a moving animation of the data from the previous five days, up to the last 15 minute image.

This early version is using the 1K (1024×1024) SDO data, the updated version uses the 2K and 4K datasets for greater visual clarity, and offers selection of wavelengths to view.

Music: Sunsets (excerpt) by Sang Froid

Entanglement #1 - Hawaii 1936

Interactive photographs. One cannot be a tourist without changing what one sees.

Design: Lorne Covington
Photographer: Gladys Ethyl Porter Cowie
Music: Turquoise Hexagon Sun (excerpt) by Boards of Canada

Lambent Gambol 2 - Installation Overview

Installation visualization of the immersive participatory art piece, Lambent Gambol 2.

The graphics were recorded live, of actual interactions, with no post-processing. The overview shots show the live point-cloud data from a depth camera that is being used as input into the displayed interactive visuals.

Music: Chris Harvey, Liber Null

Dancing with Navier Stokes

Quick interaction test of flux’s Navier Stokes fluid dynamics plugin for vvvv. A Kinect point cloud of the area in front of the screen is deeply sub-sampled and used as input into the NS fluid motion shader.

Music: Chaos Pleasures by Mysteries of Science

The Electric Heliotrope Theater Sampler

A sampling of the visual modes of the Electric Heliotrope Theater: Dance the Body Electric, Space Dance, and Lambent Gambol.