What we do

NOIRFLUX creates participatory environments that provide immersive exploration, education, advocacy, and improvisational expression. Our interactive installations and exhibits bring novel experiences to public and private spaces such as lobbies, plazas, museums, and galleries.

We continue to innovate in multi-person gestural interfaces, virtual and augmented reality exploration, and other emerging paradigms for direct and seamless interaction. Our work provides tangible encounters with learning, appreciation, expression, and, we hope, inspiration.

Why we do it

Humans evolved in a living, interactive world, a world that delighted and surprised us as we moved through it. We adapted to the world, and it adapted to us.

Soon, through new sensing and responsive technologies, our environments will once again be responding to and surprising us. Art, architecture, and entertainment that is simply static or linear will feel more like a cave than a living world, as more and more our creations come to involve us and respond to our motions, gestures, speech, and doubtless someday thoughts.

This new journey is just beginning. Step in. Dance the light.

Who we are

Lorne Covington | Creative Director and Principal

Lorne, fluent with visual and performing art, electronic hardware, embedded systems, and all layers of software development, creates immersive responsive environments using in-house developed cutting-edge sensing and software technologies. Lorne’s work focuses on the intangible space between action and response, the moment-to-moment experience of involvement with a complex system that turns the act of viewing into one of exploration, creation, and play.

Bill Saiff | UX Director

Bill, a leader in User Experience (UX) research and User-Centered Design for over two decades, designs products and services that seamlessly respond to the people who use them. As UX Director at NOIRFLUX, Bill guides the research and iterative design that produces the immersive, direct, interaction central to our participatory installations and exhibits.