Stardust Wishes

February 8, 2019 - April 20, 2019
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Photo by Andrew Le Pera

The second responsive art installation to be featured on cooltureIMPACT, Stardust Wishes offers visitors a unique experience of this emerging form of art. Visitors can delight in their interaction with the artwork, and—through the artwork—with their fellow visitors as well. By moving, dancing, waving, or pointing, visitors create their own spectacular lightshow. Whether shooting fireworks across the massive screen, effortlessly creating swirls of stardust with a wave of their hand, or sending kaleidoscopic nebulae through the galaxy—they are essential participants in a unique artistic experience created by themselves and the visitors around them.

Created by NOIRFLUX, Stardust Wishes immerses visitors in a fantastic playground of participation where they can experience the joy of interacting with an environment that responds to and surprises them.

24/7 at West 42nd Street & 8th Avenue, NY, NY, on the northern exterior Port Authority Bus Terminal.

It’s free for all to visit, so: Go point, wave, move, and enjoy!

  • Start: February 8, 2019
  • End: April 20, 2019